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TrusTTechnologty SA, founded in 2014, is the world’s only manufacturer of superior technical quality and highly aesthetic SIA (Intelligent Self-Assembling Structures), suitable for a wide market and multiple applications. Thanks to their unrivaled technology and superior strength, SIA can be utilized for a vast array of applications such as protection from the sun when working outdoors, ready-to-use mobile offices, gazebos, fair and expo stands, as well as shelters and first-aid structures for areas hit by natural disasters, and much more.

TrusTTechnology SA is backed by Swiss reliability. With its distinctive designs, it’s present both in Europe and Internationally through a network of affiliates and distributors.  Identified by a constant ability to innovate, quality and originality, it is the only manufacturer of SIA (Intelligent Self-Assembling Structures) worldwide.

TrusTTechnology SA is unique in this field, thanks to an unparalleled competence as the manufacturer of such structures and its superior technical quality.  Rigorously “Swiss Made”, every aspect of the production cycle is comprehensive and fully monitored and verified: from the production of the mechanical components to the choice of fabric, from design elements to the software contents of all electronic control applications.  Quality, style and service, as well as continuous input into marketing and communications, make TrusTTechnology SA stand out in a unique market.

With its manufacturing plant in the Technological center of the Swiss Canton of Ticino, and supported by the AGIRE Foundation, TrusTTechnology has great market presence and services 5 distinct markets:

  • SIA-Home;
  • SIA-Entertainment;
  • SIA-Horeca (Hotel-Restaurant-Catering);
  • SIA-Business;
  • SIA-Workshop.

In addition to that we have:
3 different Configurations for each style (Stand-Alone, Lean-To and Multiple); to these we have also added the Plus module, which adds side walls with a manual electro-command (side walls equipped with an automatic (electronic) open-close mechanism.

SIA Home
SIA Entertainment
SIA Horeca
SIA Workshop