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  SIA|Business was conceived to allow you to conduct every business experience with security, versatility and style. This is TrusTTechonolgy’s mission. Thanks to the innovative SIA|Business, all major problems related to speed of assemby and practicality have been resolved: in just a handful of seconds you will have your own commercial space at your disposal: ready, secure and equipped with all you need to perform at your best. Furthermore, thanks to water and oil repellent fabric not subject to putrefaction, immune to fungus and mold as well as stain-resistant, salt-corrosion-resistant and UV-rays-discoloration-resistant, SIA|Business combines performance with style and design. It comes with a selection of original and elegant pattern fabrics and a wide range of options to adapt the structure to the most varied needs.

SIA-Business is covered by a 2-year warranty against natural exposure to the weather.

   SIA Business Configurations
  To each of the configurations, a +Plus option can be added, which adds side walls for the structures.
  +Plus - Walls: 0-4; can be substituted by curtains, mosquito nets, etc.