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This year TrusTTechnology SA celebrates its founding and launch of its Intelligent Self-Assembling Structures (SIA), born out of 16 years of studies, research and committment.  This the most revolutionary and advanced structure in its field today.

In 1998 Tiziano Pili, Italian born but Swiss by adoption, put into action his creativity and laid the foundation of the project which was to become ISAS.  And that’s how a story full of successes was begun. 

Pili first started researching opening and closing techniques and reliability, and that’s when the adventure took off.  Step by step, the project took flight, and Pili’s genius and knowledge breathed life into his brain child.  This allowed him to mature and gain priceless experience as he moved through the development stages of a product that is certain to bring about a true industry revolution.

During the first few years of the new millennium he devoted himself to the development of every single aspect of this innovative project.  His perseverance came to fruition in February 24, 2010, when he obtained an international patent for his product.

To this day, research and development are still led by Tiziano Pili’s firm hand, backed by two strong research groups, SUPSI and Fondazione AGIRE, which have been backing him for over two years.

Born during a historic economical crisis, this innovative firm is an industrial enterprise that operates on an organizational chart specifically developed so as not to leave anything to chance, making the firm a leader in its field and deserving of new injections of trust.  All production units are located in areas of great culture and long technical and mechanical tradition – the Ticino Canton in Switzerland and the Brianza area in Northern Italy.

TrusTTechnology SA manufactures extremely aesthetic, high quality structures, that can be used for solar protection, as indoor and outdoor gazebos,  and as mobile offices or commercial stands, uniting design, precision and elegance in a unique Italian-Swisse creation.

TrusTTechnology SA is protected by an international patent.  Through local branches, distributors and agents, it shows its constant capacity for innovation on a planetary basis.  Also, thanks to its quality and originality, it is quickly becoming one of the strongest players in its field internationally.

Product realization, 100% Swiss Made, is completely monitored in every phase. from production to distribution.  Quality, style and service, as well as constant investments in communication, development and marketing, allow TrusTTechnology to become a key point of reference in the markets in which it already operates and in those where it will  soon launch.


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