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  TrusTTechnology SA produces modules SIA (Intelligent Self-Assembling Structures) with great aesthetic value and high technical quality, suitable for multiple types of markets and various uses. Thanks to its unrivaled technical superiority and its maximum solidity, module SIA is ideal for multiple uses, such as sun protection for immediate work outside, the ready-to-use offices, garden furnishing, exhibition construction, and even shelter and rescue for people affected by environmental disasters and many others. The fully automatic assembly and disassembly takes only 60 seconds through the action of one responsible operator, via manual, semi-automatic or automatic means. Also, SIA has a considerable amount of optionals that can be integrated into the structure.

Module SIA, due to its versatility, can be used both in dangerous conditions after natural disasters, or for the preparation of closed spaces in non hazardous conditions such as fairs, markets, dining areas, events in general, or any other place needed to create an indoor area, with illumination already available. Therefore, it will revolutionize and solve the problems that the currently available products are not able to meet because of the not facilitated method of use, because they are not quick to deploy, take up too much storage space and require multiple human resources for all operations.

Module SIA encompass the largest known collection of structures for protected environments, in various uses, for every lifestyle and every need. The quality of materials, the innovative, automated open-close control system and the use of premium fabrics, make our SIA water-repellant, oil-repellant, not subject to putrefaction and immune to fungus and mold, as well as stain-resistant, salt-corrosion-resistant and UV-rays-discoloration-resistant.

What makes TrusTTechnology unique, as mentioned above, is the incredibly comprehensive selection of Intelligent Self-Assembling Structures (SIA) for various macro sectors of use:

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  3 Structural Configurations: Stand-Alone, Lean-To and Multiple:
   SIA Configurations
  To each of the configurations, a +Plus option can be added, which adds side walls for the structures.
  +Plus - Walls: 0-4; can be substituted by curtains, mosquito nets, etc.


  Utility of the Product:
   SIA Concept - Utility of the Product
  Examining the usual production line of products of this sort, we have worked to resolve the issues that require continuous economic investment by the company and the end-users of these products. In fact, the labor force, time and storage space needed are the key points that we are able to resolve with the module SIA. These are the issues that the other currently available products are not able to meet because of the low accessibility, because they lack immediacy, need too much storage space and require multiple human resources for all the operations, without mentioning the usual consequences.


  SIA Comparison:
   SIA Concept - SIA Comparison
  The table above illustrates the comparison between the module SIA and the products found on the market that have a similar function to the structure SIA. It’s obvious that the product SIA is superior to its competitors thanks to the intelligent system of opening and the technological innovation present in the structure.